On February 27th, 2005 a husband, father, son, brother and friend passed away from Melanoma cancer.  Jeremy was 27 years young when his battle with cancer ended.  Many of us consider his battle a win, because he defied the odds to see his son born.  Jeremy fought his cancer for over one year and taught everyone so much through each new obstacle.  Jeremy's strength and courage were admirable throughout his entire battle.

Jeremy served in the United State Air Force in Panama City, Florida.

He was diagnosed with Metastic Melanoma in January 2004.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with a similar condition and served in the United States Air Force please follow the link below to share your story with us:

Jeremy's Life

Have you ever loved someone so much that you would do anything for them, even if it took walking the world?  When I was 14 years old, I fell in love! Jeremy was 16; we had known each other our whole lives, but I was just too shy to tell him how I really felt.  We had always been friends, but time went on and Jeremy graduated and joined the United States Air Force.  There he was a Crew Chief on the F-15's while stationed in Panama City, Florida.  When he finally returned I got up the nerve to actually tell him how I felt.  We slowly started dating and fell in love.  One year ago Christmas Eve we got engaged.  Then the wedding planning process started & our luck slowly started going down hill.

 On May 3, 2003, a friend of Jeremyís, Scott Siverly, 19 years old was tragically killed in a two-person 4-wheeler accident.  On May 17, approximately one month before our wedding and one day before my wedding shower, my cousin, Anthony Lee, 16 years old, was killed in a two-car accident.  One day before the wedding my dadís brother, my uncle Carl, was killed riding his bicycle in Indianapolis, Indiana, while training for a marathon.  We decided it would be best if the wedding would go on.  The wedding was beautiful.  We couldnít have asked for anything better.  For our honeymoon, we had planned to travel to the western & southern United States. While on our honeymoon, $2,000.00 later the transmission and the brakes went out on my car. Once we arrived back home our fall went really well.  We prepared for our first married Christmas together.  It just seemed like one thing after another, and it hadnít even been one year yet.  I guess they always say the first year is the big test.  It was definitely a test.  Jeremy was a 27-year-old very active college student, enjoyed basketball, golfing, sports cars and being with family & friends.  He had red hair, very light freckled skin & always burned very easily.  He had also been known to have headaches, but by the middle of January, the headaches got so intense nothing would take care of them.

On Tuesday, January 27 I finally took him to the emergency room.  There they did x-rays, Cat Scans, and MRIs.  At that moment our lives took a very big turn.  Jeremy had a golf ball-sized tumor on the left-hand side of his brain.  In a matter of minutes, which seemed like hours, they were rushing him to Carle Hospital in Urbana, Illinois, for emergency brain surgery.  On January 29, the tumor was removed in about two hours by Dr. Walker Robinson.  Jeremy was then diagnosed with metastatic melanoma.  We traveled many miles to try to find a doctor that could maybe give us some positive news about this disease or some medicine that might help. After the surgery Jeremy had repeat MRI's and Pet Scans, luckily nothing had shown up yet. God had definitely been watching over us. Jeremy just finished radiation, and since then we had traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Champaign, Illinois, and Rochester, Minnesota, to maybe find that special doctor.  The doctors gave him six months.  But Jeremy & I both believed differently, and that he could definitely fight this.  We were not giving up!

From the very beginning Jeremy had been more than willing to do whatever it took to take care of this ugly disease.  For about a year our luck had definitely gone down the drain.  But we have always kept our heads high and just lived day by day.  It had definitely brought us, our family, and friends closer together and more aware of the dangers of cancer.  We have wonderful family and friends that have stuck by our side from the very beginning.  Jeremy had a very small spot on his left lung, and had found two wonderful doctors by the name of John Kirkwood and Sang Huh.  He was fighting with all he had. He had just finished two separate weeks of a treatment called Interleukin Two & Temadar at Pittsburgh University Hospital, Shadyside, Cancer Unit. He had not given up and I knew he wouldnít.

We found out in April that we were going to be 1st time parents in January which we were very excited about.  It had definitely given Jeremy something to push for.  Our Summer went really well August of 2004 Jeremy started having seizures.  He had another spot on his brain, we opted not to do surgery but decided on Gamma Knife, which was performed Aug 27, 2004.  Jeremy had his 2nd brain surgery Oct 2004.  Things were getting worse, but we were still positive we were going to have this family we so yearned for.   Jeremy had his 3rd brain surgery in Dec 2004.  All had been performed by Dr. Walker Robinson.  Jeremy did not want anyone else doing his surgery.

The morning after Christmas Jeremy was not responsive & was very lethargic.  Jan 2005 I begged Dr. Richard Rak to do one more surgery.  I just wanted Jeremy to meet his one goal and that was to be here when his baby was born.  I knew if we didnít do the surgery he would definitely not make it.  The odds were not good.  Jeremyís 4th & final surgery was performed & he proved everyone was wrong again.  He pulled through, but this time he didnít come home. Jan 5, 2005 I was induced.  I just knew there was not much time.  With everyone working together, family friends, doctors & nurses, Jeremy was able to see his baby be born.  He was such a proud father, you could just tell by the racing of his heart and the smile on his face. Jeremy was then handed his little boy.  No, it wasnít the labor we imagined, but it was a moment that I will never forget.

After that day Jeremyís health declined.  For insurance purposes Jeremy, the baby & I, were moved by ambulance to the Casey Health care center where we were taken very good care of. Jeremyís family, friends & I spent many long hours in that nursing home. We all knew our days were growing shorter and shorter.  On Feb 25 Jeremyís blood pressure dropped drastically but climbed back up.  Over those last two weeks Jeremyís family, friends & I had to do something that we never thought we would have to do and that is to say our goodbyes to Jeremy. Itís one of the hardest things I think any of us had to do.  By 4:00 that Sunday afternoon, Jeremy started doing worse and at 11:55 p.m. Jeremy passed away.  Jeremy held his baby until the last few breaths he took.

Since then I have tried to start my life over. Itís not the married or single life. I am raising a baby & trying to care for the both of us.  He brings joy to my life every day. I wish everyday Jeremy was here to see his roll over, crawl, etc.  But I know he will always be our own personal guardian angel.  Knowing that Jeremy fought with all he had and lived his life to the absolute fullest brings peace to my life.

Jeremy & I have a wish and it is to let everyone out there know that cancer is not something to mess around with.  If you have the symptoms get them checked immediately.  Also when youíre in the sun make sure you wear your sunscreen.  Jeremy & I had our one year anniversary which was spent traveling home from the hospital.

It sometimes stinks that life can definitely take a turn for the worse. But you just make the most of it, pray, and hope for the best.  It sure makes you realize how precious life really is & how you should never take a day for granted.  Itís been a very hard year, but I donít regret a day of it I spent with Jeremy.  I am very proud of him and lucky to have been married to him the time I was.  Sometimes you are just dealt a hand that is harder than normal and you just have to hold your head and keep saying I know we can do this and never give up.  I wouldnít have asked God for anything else.  Love is a wonderful thing and I am willing to do anything it takes, even if I had to walk the world.

Thank you,

Natasha Davis